Got Critters?

Long before PETCO started its monthly “Meet the Critters” program where families can see, pet, hold and even feed the animals that are for sale, my kids and I were regular visitors of the retailer.

To preschoolers and toddlers, PETCO is like a little zoo where they get to see amazing creatures up close like swimming turtles, tarantula spiders, furry chinchillas and, of course, aquarium fish, parakeets and adoptable cats.  They are always as excited about our free PETCO trips as they are with our visits to Seaworld, the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo.  Kids just love animals, and it doesn’t seem to matter to mine what kind they are as long as they can see them up close.

So of course we were excited to attend the “Meet the Guinea Pigs” event at PETCO in June.  Instead of just pressing their noses to the glass guinea pig cage, they pet and held one for the very first time.  Although they were a bit squirmy at first, the guinea pigs settled into comfortable cuddle positions and even made little happy noises.  I learned that they live a lot longer than hamsters and mice and that guinea pigs are more kid-friendly pets since they are not prone to biting and are not likely to break the skin if they do bite.  Good to know since we had talked about getting the kids a hamster.

While there’s no chance of us purchasing any kind of reptile, we’re all looking forward to the July 17th “Reptile Rally” including reptile feeding time and “meet the bearded dragon.”

Wanna meet the critters too?

What:  Reptile Rally

When:  July 17th

11am-Reptile Feeding Time

11:30 Habitat set up seminar

12pm: Meet and Greet with the Bearded Dragon

Where:  Participating PETCO locations

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