A Roaring Good Time!

Dino Sundays at the San Diego Natural History Museum rock!

Did you see the size of that T Rex?  It roars and moves, blinks its eyes and really captures the attention of everyone around.

Walk past the T Rex and enter a world of learning in the museum’s classroom, each Sunday this month from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.  Dig for dinosaur “artifacts,” chisel real fossils, play dino games and even make a dinosaur necklace…my daughter’s favorite part of the day.

Upstairs is the huge dinosaur exhibit and a 3D dino movie that plays throughout the day.  Plus other cool non-dinosaur things to do and see.

This was our first experience with the museum.  Hubby loved it, kids loved it.  Most Sundays there’s a Miss Frizzle science event for the kiddos.  Seems like another great annual pass purchase.

For $70 a 4-person family can get an annual pass and receive:

  • Unlimited free General Admission to the Museum
  • Unlimited free entry to the 3D and 2D films
  • Invitations to members’ exhibition openings
  • Complimentary subscription to Members-only magazine, Field Notes
  • 10% discount at the Museum Store
  • 10% discount at the Dinosaur Café
  • E-updates through Your Nature Connection
  • Members-only classes
  • Discounts on field trips, lectures, expeditions, and classes

Visit www.sdnhm.org for more info!

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