Fit for a Princess

Do you have a princess in your house?  A prince?

I have one of each, and they love a good tea party.  What they got last week at The Royal Fairytale in Parkway Plaza Mall was a GREAT tea party with Cinderella.

Sure, the first thing my daughter said was “She doesn’t look like Cinderella at Disneyland.”  And she was right.

But, does Disneyland Cinderella fix your hair in a princess-do complete with sparkle fairy dust and tiara?  Has she ever read from the books The Princess and the Pea and Miss Spider’s Tea Party?  Does Disneyland Cinderella do the hokey pokey?  Teach you how to play “princess says?”   Lead the limbo?

Most importantly, does Disneyland Cinderella teach you table manners, how to sip tea from a real china cup and serve you heart-shaped sandwiches?

Dressed in her favorite pink princess gown, dripping with fairy sparkles and beaming with delight, my sweet 4-year-old declared that this was the best Cinderella ever at the end of the 2-hour event.

My 3-year-old prince, who elected not to wear the adorable knight costume available in the dress up area, was also pleased with his Cinderella encounter, even though, as he reminded me, Belle is his favorite princess.

At The Royal Fairytale, you can purchase a single seat at the tea party for $15 or host an entire private birthday party in a “real” castle.  Prices start at $250 for 8 guests and there are a variety of party themes including Glitzee Girl, Sassy Spa and Stuffie-making parties.

We’re partial to The Royal Fairytale since it’s owned by the lovely ladies who brought us Bears, Buddies & Toys, which is where we had Mallory’s 4th birthday party before they closed earlier this year.  We’re so thrilled that they are back in business in a new location.  Check them out online too at

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