Little Monkey Toes

Little Monkey Toes

We just got home from a fabulous trip to the Gulf Coast…warm, crystal clear water (no oil!), sugar sand beaches and lots of great family time.  My cousins each have 3-year-olds who are always dressed so super cute that they inspired this post about favorite sites for kids’ clothes and other things moms shop for. 

Luke’s adorable Polliwalks shark shoes are similar to but way more fun than regular Crocs, and they cost about the same at  You will be blown away by the number of shoes available on this site!

Just as I was deciding to write about favorite sites for moms, I learned about  Who doesn’t love a discount?  Check them out Monday thru Saturday for one product posted in limited quantities at half price or more.

For the past year I’ve found tons of great deals on  Love them!  Especially for their local approach.  And new to the San Diego market especially for moms is…like but offering things to do and buy for your kids. is my favorite almost-local site for upscale baby clothes and gifts.  My kids are getting too big to fit into their adorable clothing and shoes, but I love looking at the site for gift ideas. 

My cousin Lisa swears by and when shopping for her twin daughters and for her pregnant self now that she’s expecting twin girls again. 

For a super fun site to find tips on things to buy for yourself and your family, check out, hosted by another Southern California mom.  And if you know of a site that is really great, share it here!
Happy Shopping 🙂

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