There’s nothing better to my kids than a park on the beach or bay. Since she was two days old, I’ve taken my daughter to Fanuel Park in Pacific Beach. Five years later, it’s still one of our favorite places.

I hadn’t considered writing about a park for this site. But then my girlfriend emailed these pictures from her recent visit, and I realized that all San Diego moms need to know about Fanuel Park. It’s got everything a San Diego family needs for a great outing…clean(ish) bathrooms, outdoor showers, parking and more.

It’s a great spot for a birthday party. The last time we were there two different families had set up jumpies and picnics. There’s a large grassy lawn next to the playground on the sand, next to the calm water of the bay.

It’s a great place to stroll with babies. Even after we moved to East County I’d stroll the boardwalk with my playgroup friends, then we’d all throw down our beach blankets and have lunch while the kiddos toddled around.

Fanuel Park has a great little playground with two slides, swings and a climbing structure. But these days our favorite thing to do at the park is splash around the bay. Once, before my kids were old enough to get in the water by themselves a visiting mom asked me if I thought the water was clean enough for her kids to play in, and I told her without hesitation “no.” But now I do allow my kids to walk all the way into the water…I figure as long as they’re not drinking it they’re fine. And they so love it.

When I sit in the sand and watch my babies exploring the bay, carefully crossing the boardwalk, delighting in being outdoors, I’m so satisfied. I don’t believe there is any better place to raise kids than San Diego, and there’s nothing better for San Diego families than a playground at the edge of the water.

Fanuel Park is located in Pacific Beach where Fanuel Street meets the bay.

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