The Class that Can Save a Life

So these pictures do not do justice to the excitement of the moment. After only about three hours of instruction, my five-year-old was able to swim the whole length of the pool AND back thanks to the wonderful teachers of Bubbles Swim School. Never have I felt money was so well spent on a class because, as Bubbles says in their promotional materials, swimming is a skill that could save her life. Added bonus…she LOVES to swim!

Bubbles Swim School is a family owned company that has been teaching San Diego kids to swim since 1976. The basic structure is a six week program with one hour of instruction each week. We take two half hour classes, and there are three children to one instructor. You can select a private class for more or fewer days a week, but Bubbles believes that the three-to-one ratio gives kids the break they need. I think they also benefit a bit from watching the other kids in their class.

During her first class, Mallory could barely hold her breath for a count of four and did not at all enjoy putting her whole face in the water. By her fifth class…only 2.5 hours of instruction later…my daughter swam the entire length of the pool with her teacher, and back! Even though I’m not needed in any way during the class and could sit alone and read for a full 30 minutes, I’m so fascinated by how quickly my children are progressing and how pleased with themselves they are that I barely look away. I’m so proud, and so are they.

My three-year-old son is progressing more slowly, but by his fifth lesson was using good strokes to swim from the pool steps to the small “island” they set up less than midway across the pool. Like his sister, he’s thrilled with himself and loves going to Bubbles.

I’m sure there are lots of great swim schools across San Diego county, and I’m proud to have all of the ones that I’m aware of available for your viewing pleasure on the swim classes section of The Mom’s Guide to San Diego online. If you know of one I’m missing, please let me know!

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