Great Deal From Disney

Boo. I’m super bummed that the kids are too young to really appreciate a trip to Alaska because I’d love to take advantage of Disney Cruise Line’s Kids Sail Free promotion.

I’ve only come to love all things Disney since having children, but fell in love with Alaska many years ago. And the best way I know to experience all that our 49th state has to offer is via cruise.

Every stop offers shore excursions for the young and old, the active and the not-so-fit, the adventurous and the cautious. There are helicopter rides to the tops of glaciers, close encounters with moose from river boats and dog sledding through the snowy mountains.

Salmon bakes, whale watching and duck tours equal fun for any age. Have you ever heard chunks of ice breaking away from a glacier and plummeting into the water? It’s called calving and it’s amazing.

I can only imagine what amazing on-board activities Disney has in store for its passengers. Character appearances and shows, a day camp for kids offering cooking class, dancing and games, a spa and numerous restaurants and clubs. Have you ever known Disney to disappoint?

If you’ve thought about a trip to Alaska with your family, jump on this deal. When I heard about it 2 days ago it included some dates in June that seem to already be sold out. I know you’ll have a memorable, possibly favorite family vacation…and save a couple thousand dollars too!

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