The REAL Buzz

“You met Buzz Lightyear?! Cool!” said my 3-year-old son.

No, we met someone even cooler. We met the real Buzz. As in Buzz Aldrin, the second human being to step foot on the moon. “He’s an astronaut. He flew in a rocket to the moon and walked on it!”

Gage wants to meet him too now, of course.

OK, I’ll give you that Buzz Lightyear might be more visually appealing to young children than 81-year-old Buzz Aldrin. (Although he looked pretty good to me, and what a personality!) But after I attended the Museum Council’s reception with Buzz to kick off this year’s Museum Month and the opening of the Air & Space Museum‘s new space exhibit, I am as giddy as a kid over the idea of introducing my children to the history of space exploration.

I’ve never been big into science, but I am very into inspiring a love of learning in my kids. Buzz put a face on space exploration for me, as well as on the current debate over cuts to our country’s space program. He’s going to help me introduce space to my children.

Did you know that Buzz Aldrin has authored two children’s books? He signed copies of “Reaching for the Moon” and “Look to the Stars” at a public event on February 1st, and the Air & Space Museum sold out of nearly 1,000 Buzz books for the event.

I skipped the book signing assuming, incorrectly, that there would be books on sale at the Air & Space Museum’s ribbon cutting reception with Buzz later that evening. Bummer. Now I’m about to order them from, and tomorrow I’ll pack a picnic lunch for our trip to Balboa Park and the Air and Space Museum. Of course I’ll be using my Museum Month Passport for half-priced admission. Pick up your passport at any Macy’s during the month of February & enjoy!

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