The Next First

It’s another first in the Humora household… a lost tooth just days after the first report of slight pain and a wiggle upon biting into an apple.

Yikes, that one took me completely by surprise. Mallory’s the first of our group of friends to lose a tooth. Apparently kids who get their teeth early can lose them earlier too.

I had to kick “Operation Tooth Fairy” into high gear, which wasn’t hard to do thanks to Facebook and Craigslist. A special “tooth fairy pillow” or box was suggested by lots of moms who had made them or received them as gifts. Being a not-so-crafty mom myself, I was psyched to find two brand new tooth fairy pillows being sold on Craigslist by a mom who lives 5 minutes from my house. I guess the fairies were smiling on me that day.

Tooth Fairy Pillow — check
Special letter from the fairy herself — check
Fairy dust (glitter) and sparkly eye shadow to jazz up the letter — check
$20 bill — check

Ok, so the $20 was actually the opposite of what every mom suggested. “Don’t get carried away with the money,” is what was recommended. In her letter, our Tooth Fairy explains that there are 20 baby teeth to be lost so $20 is a great way to kick off this program. Every tooth from here on out will be redeemable for a shiny $1 coin as long as the tooth itself is shiny and clean as a result of healthy eating, brushing and flossing, so says the Tooth Fairy.

This morning when Mallory discovered her treasures she was thrilled and amazed and had only one comment. “I hope next time the Tooth Fairy will leave me a new toothbrush!” Duly noted!

Would love, love, love to hear about your tooth fairy encounters!

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