The Science of Gardens

Thanks to my husband, both kids are terrific gardeners who understand how things grow, can identify a variety of plants and flowers, have their own gloves and shovels and can spend hours in the yard pulling weeds, picking strawberries, planting flowers and simply enjoying nature.

We live in La Mesa, but our love of gardens makes the trip to Encinitas to visit the San Diego Botanic Garden very worthwhile, especially when they are hosting a special event for kids such as last month’s Ladybug Day.

While we were unlucky in our search for actual ladybugs ( a pretty big disappointment for all of the children in our group…maybe organizers did not know that bags of ladybugs are sold at Home Depot…), the outing gave us the opportunity to explore the property on a spring day. And there were lots of fun activities to quell the disappointment over the lack of bugs.

No ladybugs here, but isn't she pretty?

We made ladybug bracelets, created a ladybug playground, made ladybug pet rocks and learned about the different kinds of ladybugs (more than 150 in the U.S. alone!). But the best part of the day had nothing to do with bugs. It was about flowers that were donated by local nurseries and cared for by volunteers from the San Dieguito Garden Club who lovingly helped each child create an arrangement to take home. It was a beautiful way to end our visit.

Special events at the San Diego Botanic Garden are free to members and with admission. There are small fees associated with some of the event activities. For a list of upcoming events including family fun nights and this weekend’s Fairy Festival, click here.

For an added treat, be sure to pick up a goody at Elizabethan Desserts just outside the gardens at 155 Quail Gardens Drive.


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