Art Anyone?

Like most little girls, my daughter has always enjoyed coloring. But instead of using coloring pages, she would insist that I draw the images she had in her mind; a mermaid, a fairy, pictures of her with her friends, with her brother, of she and I holding hands.

Now, I am no artist, but I started to think that maybe she was…a budding one at least. So a few months ago I brought Mallory in for a free trial class at Art with Larisse.

She drew this bear free-hand on her first day.

She drew a lion for Pa.

Last week she finished this hummingbird like the ones we see fluttering around our garden every day.

The art teachers instruct her, but Mallory does everything on her own from setting up her art easel to sketching, to cleaning up at the end of each class. It has been amazing to see my baby blossom not only as a little artist, but as a student…a little girl following directions, not needing me, not needing much help at all.

She never asks me to draw her pictures anymore. She can do it on her own.

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