Help Your School Raise Money Without Selling Anything!

Recent budget cuts have made it harder for schools to fund favorite programs, but Plum District has made it easy for you to help fundraise! Kids don’t need to sell anything. Parents don’t need to buy anything. It’s as simple as this: For every new person who signs up to Plum District, the company will donate $3.00 to your school. Contact Jennifer Humora (me!) to learn more and start earning money for your school today!

Plum District is a daily deal site for moms, by moms. The busiest people in the community—moms—are often the most plugged-in. And for them, the Internet is often the best tool to (re)discover what’s in their own backyard. Plum District was created just for them. Plum District connects moms with daily deals and inspirations from businesses in their community, and helps them get the most out of their day—for their families and for themselves. 🙂

One thought on “Help Your School Raise Money Without Selling Anything!

  1. This is a great way for families to generate revenue for their kids’ schools! I will definately want the info to give to our school – sure beats the Box Tops or selling candy or Christmas wrap! Please forward what I need to get our school hooked up.

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