Butterfly Kisses

This past summer we took two trips to the San Diego Safari Park to visit the annual butterfly jungle. During our first visit we noticed lots of butterflies landing on everyone it seemed…except us. So the next time we wore the colors that seemed to attract the most butterflies; yellow, red, blue. Bright colors. The pavilion was awesome, but even in our special butterfly-attracting outfits we did not have a single butterfly land on us. boo hoo.

No worries-I’m a resourceful mom, and I delivered on my promise to let my kids hold a butterfly when I purchased a Butterfly Garden Kit from Insect Lore. I know you’ve seen these in local stores and on TV commercials. Next time, don’t walk past the product. Pick one up for only $15, and bring a little magic into your home. Or give it as a gift the next time you’re invited a child’s birthday party. I imagine that any child who has witnessed baby caterpillars turning into chrysalides and, finally into butterflies would love to see it happen again. I know I’m ready.

Baby Caterpillars



After a few days of enjoying our butterflies, we took them to the backyard to set them free. Just yesterday we saw a giant painted lady flying by and Mallory exclaimed, “Look, our butterfly!” That entire experience was worth way more than $15 : )

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