Kicking Off Fall Disney-Style

Visiting Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party felt a little like Christmas to us, with the present being about 30,000 fewer park guests than in a normal evening. At least that’s what the Autopia-guy told me when he said we could just hop right back on one of the park’s most popular rides since NO ONE ELSE was waiting in line. Did you get that? There was no line.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is offered only on select nights, and a “limited,” albeit unidentified number of tickets are sold. Guests without party tickets leave the park at 6 p.m. Only those with party wristbands are allowed on rides and are able to trick-or-treat.

At $49 per person, our tickets to this event were down-right bargains compared with just about any other time we have visited. There were no tricks at this Halloween party, only treats like…

Very short or no lines for the Finding Nemo Submarine ride, Star Tours, Space Mountain (you heard me) and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Had we made it out of Tomorrowland, I’m sure there were other awesome no-wait opportunities.

More candy than anyone could want or need. We actually stopped collecting it because it was a never-ending shoveling of sweets even as we exited the park. The trick-or-treat trail lines were long, much longer than the ride lines, but they moved quickly and did not disappoint.

Fun encounters with Disney villains.

A fabulous Halloween parade with all of our favorite characters dressed in their costumes!

Spectacular Halloween fireworks that are reserved for the special Halloween party nights only.

While the Halloween festivities do not start until the evening (6 p.m. when we were there), party-goers are allowed to enter up to 3 hours earlier, giving us 8 hours of fun plus free parking. Annual pass holders cannot attend the party without the extra ticket, but there is a $10 per ticket discount for those with passes.

Admittedly, Disneyland is never a bargain. But if you’re looking for an extra special way to kick off fall, you will not be disappointed. There are eight more evenings of Halloween fun scheduled this season. Click here for the whole scoop.

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