Planning a “Trashy” Play Date

Update! Circle Buzz also has this deal for the next 2 days!

Just in time for the grand opening of The New Children’s Museum‘s feature exhibit, TRASH, local daily deal promotor,, is offering half-priced family memberships. For only $42, two adults and all of their children (aged 18 and younger) will receive unlimited admission for one year to this prominent museum as well as…

A 10% discount at the Museum Cafe
Two complimentary guest passes
10% discount on Museum camps
One-time use parking voucher for the NCM garage
Invitation to special member events
Special access to members-only workshops
20% discount on parking in the NCM lot

I never met a family membership that I didn’t find worth the investment, and I make it a point to purchase every special offer on memberships like this one. A single visit with the fam more than pays for today’s Ideal4aCause deal!

While I wasn’t able to garner a sneak preview of TRASH, I know it must be something amazing given that its build-out has required the museum to be closed for the past several weeks. We’re looking forward to the hands-on “trashy” art projects and family workshops. But, trash aside, there are lots of things my kids love about this museum.

Exploring the Rain House at The New Children's Museum

Whether you’re an old fan of The New Children’s Museum or have been curious about what all of the hype is about, now sure seems to be the best time to check them out. The $42 family membership will be offered from Oct. 10 through Oct. 12 by

Powering a New Children's Museum Chariot

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