My daughter was due on 11-11. I spent that evening at Jack’s in La Jolla sitting on a comfy couch in the bar balancing things on my belly like an entire bottle of wine.

11-11 came and went, and no baby, but I still loved that day. My first due date. And this year it’s especially special. 11-11-11 seems worth celebrating, so I am with ELEVEN giveaways.

To win, simply comment on this post with the giveaway you want to win. I will award the prizes in order of comments received until they are all gone.

Hope 11-11-11 is a lucky day for you!

Prize 1: Got a son? Win the Boy Mom Designs shirt of your choice. I’m super excited to get my green army man shirt with matching toddler version for my boy in the mail this week. Visit www.boymomdesigns.com to choose YOUR favorite shirt!

Prize 2: Need a night out? Win this 4-pack of Ultrastar movie tickets and you can enjoy a moms’ night out, a double-date or a trip to the movies with the hubby and kids. I love that Ultrastar’s Parent Movie Mornings and Baby’s Night Out means you don’t have to miss the blockbusters just because you’re a new mom!

Prize 3: Java Mama is the original kid-friendly coffee shop in San Diego, and they are especially close to my heart since they opened right down the street from my house just when I was ready to venture out with my new baby. Win this prize and enjoy 2 passes for supervised play and a tasty beverage of your choice. With free WIFI, yummy food and awesome play spaces, Java Mama is a safe, clean, friendly place for you and your little ones to visit!

Prize 4: If you don’t live in the North County, you may not have experienced the pure joy of Nothing Bundt Cakes. But with a new store opening this December in Mission Valley, all of San Diego should be able to treat themselves to the rich, dense, wonderful awesomeness of a Nothing Bundt Cake. Choose this prize and you’ll get a single-serving “bundtlet” from the Mission Valley store each month for the next year! YUMMMMM

Prize 5: My girlfriends and I love, love, love happy hour at Serenity Spa in Sorrento Valley…$30 for a 25-minute treatment that comes with the cocktail of your choice and delicious 1/2 priced appetizers. Win a 50-minute Swedish massage and visit this delightful spa during happy hour or whenever you need a stress-buster!

Prize 6: At a craft show last weekend I bought the cutest bows and headband for my daughter from BowBees. Fun styles and great quality at terrific prices = NEW FAVORITE. With Christmas around the corner, you might like to win this fancy red, green and white headband holiday bow for infants and toddlers.

Prize 7: Why pay $17 (plus tip) for a kid’s hair cut when you can get one for free? Kids’ Hair Salon is open 7-days a week at Grossmont Center Mall, and they’ve done a great job with my daughter’s hair for nearly 6 years. This gift certificate entitles you to one free child’s hair cut.

Prize 8: If 2 is better than 1, you’ll really love winnng TWO kids’ haircuts compliments of Super Cuts in Scripps Ranch! Each certificate entitles you to one free junior haircut at the Super Cuts on Hibert Street (near Java Mama!)

Prize 9: Moms on the move need this awesome, custom-designed Creative Travel Mug! Carlsbad mom, Melissa Badour,designs these high quality, environmentally friendly, stainless steel hot/cold travel tumblers with customer’s personal photos. Win this prize and choose up to 16 of your favorite photos for use in your new mug! (includes an additional sport lid)

Prize 10: If you love Christmas, save the dates of December 16 – 18 and join me for A Christmas Tabernacle at Liberty Station in Point Loma. Win these two adult admission tickets and enjoy all of the events and entertainment the Christmas Tabernacle has to offer for free. From the live nativity show, to the snow play village, to performances of the Nutcracker by San Diego Ballet…it will be a wonderland for kids and adults alike. Psst…check out Plum District on November 16th when they will feature A Christmas Tabernacle tickets for 1/2 price!

Prize 11: When I think “lucky” I think LOTTERY. No, I don’t usually play, but I will today, and so can YOU. Win this prize, and I’ll buy you $11 worth of lottery tickets. Will you split the jackpot with me if you win???

You live in San Diego, you’re blessed with children…even if you don’t win one of these prizes, you’re a very lucky lady already! 🙂 Have a great day!!!

28 thoughts on “11-11-11

  1. Ruth McCallister says:

    I would love prize #7

  2. Kara says:

    I LOVE this!! I would love the BOYMOM prize but any prize would be a treat!! 🙂 (especially the lotto!)

  3. Sobsterr says:

    oh my goodness!! i would LOOOVE prize 4. i just moved to san diego from the bay area and i am SO ecstatic to find there is a nothing bundt cakes here! also- mission valley is where i live so how perfect would it be??

  4. Cat says:

    I just love the picture of you with wine on your preggo belly!

  5. lea says:

    I’d love Prize 2!!

  6. Kathy says:

    I will take anything left! lol

  7. Grace LaLicata says:

    I love prize #7…Kids hair salon.

  8. Sharyn B says:

    I like all of them but I love Prize #1 – Mom of twin boys – or #11 or any still available that would work for a mom in North County.


  9. Libby says:

    prize 7 or 5 🙂

  10. Irena says:

    Prize 8 , SuperCuts, please :)))

  11. maripat lawrence says:

    Nothing bunt cake. Yum! Or number 10…would love to take my girls

  12. kathaleen says:

    I love #6 and #2

  13. maripat lawrence says:

    Nothing bunt cake. Yum!

  14. Shannon says:

    Prize #1 please!!

  15. Marie sevin says:

    Prize 6- the bow!!!

  16. Sarah says:

    The movie tickets or kids haircut in grossmont would be awesome if I’m not too late! Thanks for the chance!

  17. jennifer keller says:

    OOOPS! i just saw it’s gone. nothing bundt cakes! it all sounds so delicious.

  18. Codi Walk says:

    Such a sweet giveaway!

  19. jennifer keller says:

    Is the lottery still available?

  20. Crystal says:

    I Love this site! Java mamma prize please

  21. Heather Dome says:

    Number 10 sounds great!

  22. Aline Grigorian says:

    Oops, gone already. I love the bow too #6

  23. Crystal says:

    Love this site! Java mamma please

  24. Thank you for the chance to win something! I would love to win prize #5. 🙂 I never heard of a swedish massage but hey sounds amazing! 🙂

  25. Ali says:

    Definitely the Creative Travel Mug! 🙂

  26. Aline Grigorian says:

    UltraStar tickets sound awesome! Thank you!

  27. Codi Walk says:

    Prize 2

  28. Stacy Comilang says:

    Thanks for the chance!! I would LOVE #11!!! And I will share if I win big!! 🙂

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