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I’m not the type to run out at midnight for a great deal or even to follow online retailers for hours looking for something special at just the right price, but I really, strongly believe in supporting local store owners, especially because most of the ones I do business with are moms and dads with young children too. So I will run out this Saturday to use my American Express card at my favorite local retailers since AMEX is going to credit me $25 for doing so!

I first heard of Small Business Saturday last year from a terrific little furniture shop that didn’t make it for the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday event. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of your favorite local businesses shut down in this past year as well.

Thankfully, there have been many new family-friendly businesses that opened up in 2011. The ones that come to my mind are Art Soup, Christy’s Toy Outlet, Chuze Fitness of Rancho Bernardo & National City, FUNbelievable, Just Between Friends consignment events, Kidville Chula Vista, Mon Petit Chateau and Tula-ru in Pacific Beach.

Why buy a children’s book from Barnes & Noble when we have The Yellow Book Road and Readers, Inc.?

Why shop Toys R Us when we have Carlsbad Learning Express Toys, Thinker Things, Magical Child, So Childish, Geppetto’s, Toys, Etc. and Totally Thomas?

Why drag your children to the not-so-family-friendly neighborhood Starbucks when we have Java Mama and Mon Petit Chateau brewing delicious coffees that you can enjoy while your children play and are warmly welcomed by these locally owned businesses? (FUNbelievable, Kidding Around Playground , Kid Ventures and My Kids Clubhouse also serve coffee. Playtown lets you bring your own!)

Here are a few ways to make the most of your Small Business Saturday experience…

Buy this weekend’s Circle Buzz deal for $20 worth of books for $10 at The Yellow Book Road, and enjoy their Small Business Saturday sale of 25% off!

Head over to Learning Express Toys and use this coupon to buy a special holiday gift. Don’t forget, $25 back on your registered AMEX card!

Make a day out of it at Seaport Village with shopping on the 26th and stay to meet Surfin’ Santa at 1 p.m.!

Click here to register your card and to find out whether your favorite store is participating in this year’s Small Business Saturday event.

2 thoughts on “Shop Local & Save

  1. Alfonso Agan says:

    I LOVE the cover for Apollyon. And I can’t wait to get my hands on Deity! Ahh, so excited I WANT TO WIN THE REVEAL GIVEAWAY!

  2. I love that your guide supports small local business!

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