Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I Love Ya, Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Away…

I’ll probably have that song in my head for days now that we’ve seen San Diego Junior Theater‘s production of Annie. But that’s OK, it’s a great little song, and it was a great musical to take the kids to.

Neither of my children has expressed any interest in taking acting or singing lessons, but they certainly enjoy watching other kids perform. Our bonus today…our neighbor, Brooke, was one of the orphans, and she looked great on stage. All of the child actors were adorable. The adult talent was really impressive. (Did you know that San Diego Junior Theater alumni include Dennis Hopper, Raquel Welch and Annette Bening?) The live orchestra was especially captivating to my kids. (oh yes, and we all loved Sandy the dog too!).

San Diego Junior Theater offers fantastic family entertainment at affordable prices ($8 – $14 for Annie). The child actors are students of San Diego Junior Theater’s classes and camps. I imagine the packed audience consisted primarily of friends and family of the actors, but even if you don’t know the talent, you should consider making it to a performance with your child of any age. The theater is incredibly family-friendly, and after the performance we were able to meet the cast outside of the beautiful Casa del Prado Theater in Balboa Park.

Are your school-aged children looking for something to do during Thanksgiving Break? Click here for details on San Diego Junior Theater’s new Thanksgiving camp. They also offer winter, spring break and summer camps that might jump start your little star’s career and make you one of those enthusiastic audience members at a future Junior Theater performance.

San Diego Junior Theater is the oldest continuing children’s theater program in the country. Its productions have entertained well over a million theatre-goers since its beginning in 1948.

For more information about the organization, performances, camps or classes, visit

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  1. Nikki Katz says:

    Glad you came to see it – did you know Katelyn was (is) one of the orphans?!?! LOVE Junior Theater!!

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