A Gift That Will Keep On Giving

I do love a company that gives back to its community. And I’ve seen first hand how teaching children to plant and grow gardens inspires healthy eating and a real appreciation of nature. (my kids have Greg’s green thumb, for sure!)

So I am happy to share with you this post about Stretch Island Fruit Company, the San Diego-based producers of FruitaBü natural fruit snacks, and the company solely responsible for “Fruit Tree 101,” a program that brings orchards to school yards.

Last week 40 lush fruit trees and shrubs were planted at Smythe Elementary in San Ysidro and O’Farrell Community School in Southeast San Diego.

Students were taught about the importance of fruit, healthy eating and the environment. They rolled up their sleeves, picked up their shovels and dug in, helping to plant the fruit trees that are up to seven feet tall!

The Fruit Tree 101 program is made possible by Stretch Island Fruit Co. with the help of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. This national, grassroots program addresses important issues like caring for the environment and proper nutrition by providing students with an outdoor classroom where they can foster fruit trees and shrubs – from planting to harvest.

To learn how your school can apply to participate in Fruit Tree 101, click here.

To learn more about Stretch Island Fruit Company, just reading their core values will tell you a lot…

We are optimistic: We believe in the goodness of people, real fruit and community. We envision a world of tasty fruit experiences that inspire people to celebrate nature’s goodness.

We are socially conscious: We believe the business of real fruit can help make positive changes in our world. That’s why we run our business and lead our lives in ways that we feel best benefit the health of people, communities and our planet.

We are simple: We believe in the power of nature to help nourish and sustain us, and that sometimes, less is truly more.

We are healthy: We believe in the vitality of whole foods. So we make only all-natural fruit foods that help people live their best lives. When we say our products count as USDA servings of fruit, we mean whole fruit, not fruit juice.

And to find out more about Stretch Island Fruit Company products, just comment on this post for your chance to win a box of FruitaBü Fruit Roll (apple, strawberry and grape flavors). Yum!

8 thoughts on “A Gift That Will Keep On Giving

  1. Michelle says:

    I want to win so my kids can try.

  2. Michelle Paul says:

    Love Stretch Fruit Island products! I used to live near Smythe Elementary, so this is near & dear to my heart. Love the fruit tree idea!

  3. Ruth McCallister says:

    We would love to win a box

  4. Jenny says:

    Local and healthy is awesome!

  5. Renee Ramirez says:

    Love this!!!

  6. Heather Dome says:

    Great post! I am going to bring this to the PTA, maybe they could get the administration on board.

  7. Marlana says:

    Would love to win a box!

  8. nicole says:

    We loved FruitaBu before and now even more!

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