Our New Christmas Tradition

So thanks to the ABC television special, The Elf on the Shelf, my kids are beyond excited by the idea of Santa sending them each an elf to watch over them between now and Christmas. I meant to get The Elf on the Shelf book/doll combo last year. Now that they’ve seen the movie (like, 6 times) it’s all Mallory is thinking about. “How big is she going to be, mom?” “Will she have blue eyes?” “Dad, I won’t be able to touch her or she’ll lose her magic.”

I love seeing this excitement in my 6-year-old, and it made me wonder…how many more years of believing do we have? Yes, the elf is on her way to our house, and I hope we’ll enjoy her for many years to come. But at what age will Mal ask, “Is Santa real?”

When did your child first suspect “the truth?” How did you break the news to her? How did it make you feel?

I never want the wonder of childhood to end.

What happens when it does?

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