Last night’s opening of Toy Story 3 on Ice was a fantastic choice for a family outing…just ask my husband who pointed out that Disney never disappoints.

Tickets start at $18.50, making it one of San Diego’s more affordable special attractions. And, there are lots of special offers floating around out there to help bring that cost down (hint…get your playgroup together and buy group sale price tickets!)

Fans of the Toy Story movies will love seeing the characters come to life on ice. Our kids were thrilled when the green army men arrived, one by parachute, and proceeded to “march” on ice. My favorite part was when Ken and Barbie couple skated to “Dream Weaver.” I just LOVED it.

We’ve been to each Disney on Ice performance over the past three years, and each and everyone has been excellent. But Toy Story was the one that appealed most to our whole family. Even Mallory, who is a princess-lovin’ girl, claimed that Toy Story 3 on Ice was the best show yet.

Check it out if your family is looking for something special to do this week!

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