Feeling Fishy?

We’ve been Seaworld annual pass holders for years and love it. But San Diego does have two great alternatives to the big shows and big crowds of Seaworld, and they are both offering special reasons to visit this month.

At the SEA LIFE Carlsbad Aquarium (at Legoland), your family can get up close and personal with the fish at Underwater Parks Day.

On January 21 from 11am until 4pm, ocean enthusiasts will learn about marine protected areas or “underwater parks” during the Aquarium’s fourth annual Underwater Parks Day. This event is an effort by Southern California aquariums to explain the need for marine protected areas that replenish fish populations and restore the health of coastal waters.

SEA LIFE will host kid-friendly activities including prize giveaways, a special underwater dive show, an educational craft event, a conservation expo with hands-on exhibits and more. Tickets for kids (3–12) are $15 and $20 for adults.

To mark 20 years at its current location along Expedition Way in La Jolla, Birch Aquarium at Scripps is offering San Diego County residents half-off admission on the 20th of every month through this September.

The special deal is valid for residents living in zip codes 91901-92199 who will be asked to show a valid ID to receive the offer (limit two children per paid adult; cannot be combined with other offers).

Aquarium visitors can explore more than 60 marine tanks teeming with fish, corals and invertebrates from the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest to the warm currents of the tropical seas. A showcase 70,000-gallon tank houses a forest of gently swaying kelp, treating visitors to a serene view of a complex marine community that flourishes off the San Diego coast.

In addition to marine-life exhibits, the aquarium showcases ocean and earth science in its interactive, award-winning museum. Boundless Energy, the aquarium’s newest exhibit, opened last summer. This outdoor, interactive playground – celebrating ways we can harness clean energy from the planet – is a natural extension of Feeling the Heat: The Climate Challenge, an adjacent exhibit that presents the science of global climate change.

You can’t go wrong with a trip to SEA LIFE or Birch Aquarium, and even better is a FREE outing to each. Leave your comment with which aquarium you’d most like to visit for your chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets!

21 thoughts on “Feeling Fishy?

  1. cara says:

    How funny! Thank you and thank you Mallory! 🙂

  2. momsguide says:

    Congrats to Cara and Tracey L. who both win tickets in this Feeling Fishy contest. I always have my kids randomly select our winners. Mallory chose Cara and Gage chose Tracey. When I looked at your comments to get your email addresses I was surprised to see that you were the two whose responses talked about moving to San Diego recently. I love that you get to get to explore your new town with your kiddos for FREE!

  3. Theresa Hoff says:

    I would love a free opportunity to take my kiddos to Sea Life. Thank you!!

  4. Theresa Hoff says:

    Would love a free opportunity to take my kiddos to Sea Life. Thank you!!

  5. Beth Miller says:

    We’d love to visit Sea Life Aquarium only because we’ve never been!!!

  6. Elisa Hilliard says:

    Birch Aquarium at Scripps! We are homeschooling family and this is one of our favorite places 🙂

  7. Brandi Smith says:

    We are so ready for a Birch trip.

  8. Ruth McCallister says:

    I would love to take my daughter to Sealife.

  9. Maria Jones says:

    Birch! (0: We are studying sea creatures in May for homeschool. Would love to take them for a fieldtrip. Thanks.

  10. Irena says:

    Would love love love to be able to take my kiddos to Birch! Thank you for the opportunity no matter who gets it at the end!:)

  11. Libby says:

    We have a family pass to Birch Aquarium and go at least one every few weeks. I would love to take my kids to SeaLife as well – I’ve heard great things about it!

  12. Virginia says:

    Birch Aquarium would be my choice.

  13. cara says:

    We just moved back home to SD and would love to take our 3 year old for her first experience. Please and thank you!

  14. Amy says:

    would love to take my boys! We have never been to the Birch Aquarium and have heard some great things about it! 🙂

  15. Tracey L says:

    Last December we moved from Orland, FL to the San Diego area…..So we are still trying to find out about events going on in the area. Reading blogs like this are very helpful to newcomers movng into the area. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  16. Mari says:

    We would love to go to both as well. Haven’t been to either one. My four kids and I have heard great things about Birch Aquarium. Would love to go anywhere fun with them, free or not (but free makes it more fun! ;))! 🙂

  17. Leslie Coyote says:

    I would love to visit Birch. I hvent Ben since I was a kid. My daughter would have a great time.

  18. Kathy Austin says:

    Haven’t been to either, so I would say both 🙂

  19. heidi says:

    We would love Sea Life Aquarium, recently let passes to lego lapse and this would be a great filler!

  20. I would take either!!! Beggars can’t be choosers right?! lol But, if I HAD to choose…I would go with Sea Life. Thanks for the great opportunity!!

  21. Michelle Bishop says:

    I would love to take my daughter to Sea Life Aquarium. She loves the sea life and we have not been able to to go on our military salary.

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