Go Green This Spring!

I’m not a “green” mom, but, according to Ecocrazymom.com I am taking baby steps in that direction with my love for children’s resale. Here in San Diego we have a myriad of options for buying or selling gently used children’s clothing, toys and gear.

I know many moms who wouldn’t dream of purchasing a “used” item (or even selling one for that matter), but I have found some truly awesome goodies through resale, and their great prices made them just that much more fabulous.

For example, at Cory’s Closet I bought a blue “Bratz FM Cruiser” for my son for only $10. It didn’t say Bratz anywhere on it…I had no idea it was supposed to be a girl toy…but it is one of the most fun cars he has ever owned because the doors and trunk open, the steering wheel moves, the seat belts click shut AND the radio really works! Thanks Cory!

Gage loves his car!

In San Diego there are three types of children’s resale; consignment stores, swap meets and consignment events. Here’s a bit about each:

Consignment stores: Consignment stores operate all year long and will purchase your items outright as long as they meet the store’s standards and are something they are interested in selling. Some stores specialize in upscale items and others are less picky. Some require appointments to sell and some have set walk-in sales times. They will usually offer you 50% of the price they expect the item to sell for in their store. So, if you had a Bratz FM Cruiser that sells at Toys R Us for $29.99, then the store will likely try to sell it for $15 (half the retail value) and will give you half that amount ($7.50) for your item. You will usually earn a bit more money if you take store credit instead of cash. You should definitely look around before you sell…there’s bound to be something you need or want!

Consignment Events: Trunk Treasures is the original seasonal consignment event in San Diego. I’d love to ask Stacey, the stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur exactly when she began her business, but I know she’s swamped preparing for this weekend’s sale. And in this past year she’s found competition from three other local moms who have started their own events, Just Between Friends and San Diego Kids’ Consignment.

I participated in both Trunk Treasures and Just Between Friends last year as a seller and ended up spending even more money at both events than I earned. Of course I ended up with lots of terrific treasures. 🙂

At consignment events you decide what to sell and can price your items at any amount you’d like. You do all of the work here, from setting the price, to tagging your items, to delivering them to the event site and picking up any unsold items at the event’s conclusion. There’s a fee to participate (about $10) and a percentage of your sales is taken by the event (between 60% – 70%). Volunteers who work the event enjoy early bird shopping opportunities and greater percentages of their sales. Consignment events last a couple of days…usually over a weekend. Once the event is done and the accounts are settled, a check is mailed to you, usually within a couple of weeks. Each of these companies has a spring event, so be sure to check them out!

Swap Meets: Many schools have family swap meet fundraisers, but the largest and oldest (that I know of) benefits my favorite non-profit, The Scripps Parent Connection, and happens twice a year in Carmel Valley.

The Parent Connection Swap Meet attracts hundreds of sellers and about a thousand buyers to each event. There is a $2 admission fee to buy and a $35 fee to sell in a 10×10 spot in the parking lot. As with consignment events, you’ll set your own price, you’ll tag your own items, you’ll get them there and bring whatever doesn’t sell home. You’ll also have to work your booth from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., but you’re sure to unload many items and you’ll certainly find a few to purchase as well.

The next event is Sunday, March 25th at Canyon Crest Academy. I’ll be there and hope you will be too!

For all of these resale opportunities, please be sure to visit the resale section of our family friendly business listings by clicking here. Happy shopping!

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