Oh Yes I Did!

I wasn’t going to do it.

I was not going to spend $40 plus a service fee per ticket to take my 6-year-old to see The Fresh Beat Band. I mean $40 for crappy, second to the last row seats that were not even side-by-side but instead one in front of the other. The LAST two seats at the “regular” ticket price that were remotely near each other even though the show was more than a month away.

No way.

Especially no way was I going to buy one of the closer seats that were available through “ticket brokers,” or “scalpers” as I call them. Those babies were selling for double and more face value per ticket, and there were lots of great seats available through the brokers, but, NO WAY. I can’t even believe that scalpers would get involved with a kids’ show. Boo!

But then I noticed there was an after party where we’d get to learn a Fresh Beat dance, enjoy “healthy snacks” and meet the band…all for the low, low price of $60 per ticket plus a service fee. But the back stage pass was only available if you had a show ticket.

Were those crappy $40, one-in-front-of-the-other seats still available? YES they were and YES I did spend more than $200 to take my daughter to her first concert and then backstage to meet the band.

Was it worth it?

Well, I’ve easily spent $200 on less important things than sharing an awesome first concert experience with my child.

And, I could afford these tickets, even though I wish they had cost less.

I knew it would be great, girly fun for my daughter and me. (hey, I know all The Fresh Beat Band songs too!)

But maybe the main reason I splurged on this experience was because of a mom named Anna, who is suffering terribly after the recent death of her son. Anna asks a lot of “what if,” type questions, and I find myself living for today more than ever.

You know what else? The Fresh Beat Band music is innocent, upbeat, positive…just what I want my children singing and dancing to. I’m happy that Mal has their poster up on her wall and that she went to sleep that night listening to their new cd with the backstage pass and lanyard sitting on the night stand right next to her bed.

I think she’ll always remember that day, and I KNOW I will. Oh yes I will!

Don't let anyone tell you there are no bad seats at the Balboa Theater. When you are 6 or younger, it's not fun being this far back.

Now this is more like it! Our friends who paid ticket brokers $100 per ticket told us during intermission that there were at least 8 open seats in their section so we moved down, which meant that when they threw beach balls into the crowd, blasted confetti and ran down the aisles shaking hands, we were part of the fun instead of watching from the 2nd to last row of the balcony.

I won't always be able to pull off back stage passes, but this was a super fun indulgence!

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