Mother’s Day Just Weeks Away

In a few weeks I’ll celebrate Mother’s Day for the seventh time.

It might sound terrible to say, but at the end of the day for each of those past Mother’s Days, I’ve told myself “Next year what I really want is the entire day off.”

While I do love being showered with presents (at the crack of dawn), feasting on kid-cooked breakfasts (that I get to clean up), and being treated to fancy restaurant meals (where I struggle to keep my children entertained at the table), it has crossed my mind for six years that the perfect gift for a mother might be a few hours where she doesn’t have to mother anyone.

So I decided to remind myself this year that a day off was my one and only request. Of course that means either I would have to leave the house or they would, because if I’m anywhere near the family, I’m in charge, I’m needed and I am wanted.

But now that we’re just a few weeks away from Mother’s Day, a funny thing has happened. My kids don’t get up at the crack of dawn anymore. In fact, almost every day lately I wake up before they do.

And now that Mallory is in school until 3 each day, I kind of feel like I don’t see enough of her.

And my baby boy who used to follow my every step can play quietly in his room for a long, long time.

Things have changed quite a bit for us since last Mother’s Day. And sometimes, when I’m holding my boy’s hand, I imagine him as a teenager who doesn’t need a hand to hold, and I have to fight back a tear.

So I won’t be taking the day off on May 13th. In fact, I’ve started to think that the perfect gift just might be another baby…….

Mother's Day 2007 Mallory & 7-months-pregnant-Mommy

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