My Kids Go to College

I am so glad that we made it to Grossmont College for its 50th anniversary celebration today. It was a little rainy when we left and very chilly (for San Diego), but I knew most of the educational activities I wanted to share with the kids would be indoors so out we went. What we got in return was an unforgettable day of firsts…better than any children’s museum and any class we’ve paid to attend.

First, we helped set the world record for most people to sign a birthday card. Happy Birthday Grossmont College!

Then we made rockets

And blasted them

We learned about resonance

And what happens when you remove the air from marshmellows

We made our own bouncy balls

And our own lip balm

We observed the sun through a telescope

We learned about CPR

And got a chance to try out our new skills

We got super cool finger casts

Learned how to use a stethoscope

And ended the day with a private basketball lesson

with the head coach of women's basketball at Grossmont College

It was a wonderful experience for the whole family, and I want to thank all of the staff and students from the college who did such a fantastic job with my young children. Happy 50th!

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  1. Cat says:

    Looks like a great day!

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