Bye Bye Max & Ruby

I’m excited about this weekend’s Just Between Friends consignment event because it’s forcing me to do the spring cleaning that I should have done before the new Christmas toys arrived. I’ll be getting rid of some treasures that we no longer need, but I have to admit it’s hard to let some of them go.

Like our Potty Power DVD. No, it didn’t really help speed up the potty training of either of my children, but it did provide hours of entertainment to them. Potty Power represents a time in mommyhood where toilet training was just about the most important thing going on in our home. Like so many moms, I worried, I was frustrated, and I tried just about every trick in the book including DVDs of little princesses learning to sit on the “royal throne.” Now those days are (thankfully) long behind us, but the video is kind of a bittersweet reminder that I don’t have toddlers anymore.

Ditto with our Max & Ruby video, book and doll collection. Boo Hoo. After years of reading these stories nearly nightly, my big kids now think that Max & Ruby are quite boring. But I feel I owe those sweet little bunnies so much. I seriously believe that Ruby helped teach Mallory how to be a good big sister to Max. (I mean Gage.) I hate to see them go, but they will be loved just as much by some other family I’m sure. (and for up to 90% of what I paid!)

The Just Between Friends sale is this weekend, May 4-5 in San Diego’s East County. It’s not too late to consign and it’s just the right time to think about buying. For more information visit

What: Just Between Friends Consignment Event
When: May 4 & 5
Where: Faith Chapel, 9400 Campo Road, Spring Valley (just off Hwy 94)

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