The Word of Mom

I’ve always really appreciated the word-of-mouth of moms. All of the best things we’ve experienced have been suggested by others. So in the mom’s guide I pass on all of my favorites as well as those things I have heard were fantastic.

San Diego Junior Theater performances are wonderful, so even though we were not planning to attend the current production of Disney’s Peter Pan, I wanted to let subscribers know about it. When I received this message back from a mom, I decided to make time for this play…

“I wanted to say thank you for your email of events a few weeks ago which included the Peter Pan play in Balboa Park. We went last weekend and it was a fun family outing! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Thanks so much!”

So tonight we were there in beautiful Balboa Park in a packed theater watching the live performance of a show we’ve seen so many times in cartoon form, and it was definitely a “fun family outing” as the mom’s guide reader had exclaimed. The young actors were very talented, the set was fun, and the music was lovely.

More than the actual performances, I love watching my kids watch other kids performing. Neither of them has expressed any interest in being on stage, but they are mesmerized by those young actors. Gage, who normally wants nothing to do with photos would not leave without meeting Peter Pan. When I asked him if he wanted to take lessons or attend the Junior Theater camp this summer so that one day he could play Peter Pan, he gave me his biggest signature smile.

There are five performances of Peter Pan left, and tickets start at $8. If you go and like it, be sure to spread the word…

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