Do You ♥ Your Heart?

This was the image I had planned to use in this week’s blog post:

I had hoped to have it up on Monday and do a Boy Mom t-shirt giveaway in time for the 4th. I have this shirt myself and ♥ it.

Instead, I went to the hospital on Monday and was admitted for a possible heart attack.

I am fine. I have a heart condition that can feel like a heart attack, but is not. That’s not what I want to tell you about today though.

What I want to say is that I hope you love your heart enough to get to the hospital like I did when something feels strange. Even if you’re only 43 (like me), have no family history (like me), have very few risk factors (like me), and even if you feel kind of silly for bringing that kind of attention to yourself (like I did).

During my entire experience with the medical professionals at Sharp Grossmont, through the urgent care, to the ER, with a cardiologist, etc. I was told over and over again, “You did the right thing by coming to see us.” They were very reassuring. They helped me understand that ignoring a strange feeling can be a big problem. They took me very seriously and provided excellent care. I’m home now and still do not feel all that great, but I do know that I was thoroughly evaluated, and that gives me great peace of mind.

I think we women, especially those of us who are moms, are use to being the care takers of others, and are not that great about taking care of ourselves. I didn’t feel that I had the time to be laying in a hospital bed…I had chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked, I had a play date scheduled for my kids that we were all looking forward to, my husband had things to wrap up at work before we could go on vacation. I considered checking myself out of the hospital several times.

Because my heart condition was being taken so seriously by everyone I encountered through Sharp, I stayed and got the message that heart issues are not something to take lightly. Moms, treat your heart kindly. And if you ever feel the symptoms of a heart attack, get yourself to your nearest urgent care or ER and let someone take care of you for a change.

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