The Backyard Olympics

My son is turning 5 this month, and even though there are sooo many cool places in San Diego that host kids’ birthday parties, we’re looking forward to an old-fashioned backyard event inspired by the Summer Olympics and the recent Fleet Science Center Gross Olympics.

Our “backyard olympics” will feature some of the fun games we enjoyed at the Fleet like the loudest burp contest and cherry pit spitting. Perfect for 5-year-old boys, wouldn’t you say?

We’re planning to get the dads involved with the burping, which is sure to elicit hysterics from the kids.

We’re also going to try out these games…

I read about this “synchronized snack toss” contest in Family Fun Magazine. Our twist will be that the parents will be the ones wearing the shower caps covered in shaving cream. The kids will take turns throwing cheese puffs at our heads. The team that’s able to stick the most puffs on a shower cap wins!

It’s a toss up between the Jello slurping (through a straw!) contest and the hands-free donut eating contest.

I’m leaning toward donuts. Simply dangle donuts over the kids’ heads, have them hold their hands behind their backs and – voila – it’s a game and a goody all in one!

The backyard parties of my childhood were really the best. Sure, it was cool to go to the roller rink for my birthday or the local pizza shop, but running around my yard with friends stand out among all of my birthday memories. Of course, great memories are exactly what I want to give my kids for their birthdays. 🙂

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