To Blog or Not to Blog

On this website I write about the things my family loves to do in and around San Diego. I like to feature new businesses and spread the word about great deals, fun events and cool giveaways.

What I don’t do here is disparage any company. I want my business to accentuate the positive and, honestly, we’ve only had the occasional less-than-good experience.

On the other hand, I do like it when moms share their feedback, good or bad, about businesses that I consider patronizing. Like the mom who told me in a parenting forum that her son lost part of his finger to a rabbit bite at a San Diego petting zoo. Ouch!

And the mom who told us on that same message board when her son was locked in a van for an entire afternoon because no one at the after school program that picked him up realized he had fallen asleep. It wasn’t until 6 p.m. that anyone even knew that he was missing.

If asked, I would certainly tell moms about our recent day camp experience during which I saw kids (not mine) running throughout the building un-supervised when I showed up early for pick-up. We didn’t tell anyone we were leaving, and no one was at the desk to verify that I was walking out with my own two kids.

I wouldn’t call that company out on this website because that is not the point of my business. I simply do not review a business that I cannot recommend, and I express my concerns directly with the business.

But I wonder, where do you go when you’re looking for insight into San Diego companies, especially the ones you entrust with your children? Yelp? Facebook? Parenting forums?

3 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. Michelle says:

    I respect your decision on not reviewing this business and speaking with them directly. However, being a mom of two young girls, where else do we find out about these things unless someone does review them, and it can become public records? I am relieved that the sleeping child did not get sick or die from heat exhaustion in the car. Would you also please private message me the name of this business for my own records? Thanks.

  2. I think is respectable to take the concern up directly with the place of business…. then of course see if they make changes to make sure incidents do not occur that could result in missing children. I have first hand seen how accidents are truly a result from humans and not the business themselves… unless those accidents are bad protocol of the owner rather than the staff. but I also want to know what this place is! Message me!

  3. Kara says:

    All of the above! Now–please email me and tell me about the day camp . Thank goodness that it was “cool” outside I am guessing since the child that fell asleep is still alive.

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