Broke Down

We fought the summer crowds and squeezed in one last trip to Disneyland before the start of school, eagerly anticipating the fast fun of Cars Land, but the trip left us feeling a little deflated.

Oh there’s a lot of potential in Cars Land, but also a few speed bumps to overcome. So if you’re headed to Route 66, pack your patience and remember you can always enjoy some great pit stops on the way.

When we arrived at California Adventure mechanical problems were the first road block to our dream of racing through Radiator Springs. With the signature Cars Land ride shut down, we headed over to the fast pass kiosks and saw that they were also closed for business. It seems that everyone wants to hit the track, and a whole day’s worth of fast passes for the Radiator Springs Racers had been distributed quickly.

So our first stop was actually Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. I thought the ride was pretty fun…kind of like a do-si-do of tractors…but the kids never asked to do it again, which, on our barometer, means it was just OK.

Next up was Luigi’s Flying Tires, giant air-filled balloon tires that are controlled by riders when they lean forward, backward or side-to-side. While waiting in line I could tell that Luigi’s was a bit of a let down. Riders seemed confused over how to control the tires, and they were moving v e r y s l o w l y. I’d say they were less fun than bumper cars.

The kids never asked to go back to see Luigi.

Finally, we were back on the road to Radiator Springs, which was re-opened and simply gorgeous at sunset. We heard squeals of delight coming from riders and eagerly jumped in line. More than an hour into our wait, however, the ride came to a screeching halt with more technical difficulties. As we departed we heard grumblings that Radiator Springs Racers has been breaking down a lot.

We overcame our sorrows with all of the other fun we normally enjoy at Disneyland and the cocktails and mocktails of Carthay Circle Restaurant, Disney’s newest fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is fashioned after the original Carthay Circle Theater, which premiered Walt Disney’s first full-length feature film, Snow White, in 1937. The atmosphere was incredible. Our food was fantastic.

On day two of our road trip, we raced on over to the fast pass kiosks early in the morning and — OMG — the line just to pick up a fast pass was one hour long!

Honk! Honk! Time to get the message. No Radiator Springs Racers for us this time.

No worries. As annual pass holders, we’ll be back when there’s a little less traffic in Cars Land and when the pit crew has the car troubles under control!

One thought on “Broke Down

  1. Valerie says:

    Unfortunately for the folks at Disney they just can’t seem to get the Radiator Springs Racer ride right! After a year of being in operation you’d think they’d have it down by now but they don’t. It was broken more times than I can count during our 3 day trip. One time after an hour wait in the Single Rider line we were 8 riders away from riding and it broke AGAIN and didn’t re open! VERY disappointed!

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