Feeling Cheese-E?

Some might say that hitting arcades like Chuck E Cheese’s with your kids is a drag for parents, but I don’t see it that way at all. Don’t you remember the thrill of an afternoon of pizza and Ms. Packman? The lights, the sounds, the smells, the PRIZES…kind of like Vegas for minors.

I don’t know what made him happier, getting 2nd place in this racing game, or reaching the pedals by himself for the first time!

So even though the food is usually just OK, and we often struggle to find prizes the kids want that cost less than 5,000 tickets, our family loves to hit our neighborhood Chuck E. Cheese’s (great value), Shakey’s Pizza (yummy lunch buffet, especially the fried chicken!) and the “boardwalk” at Parkway Bowl (awesome in the summer during the kids bowl free promotion). You could say I’ve become something of a connoisseur of arcades.

This month Chuck E. paid us to visit by offering 10 free tokens attached at the bottom of this Halloween promotion. In my experience, they offer the best overall value. Every game costs only a quarter compared with some arcades that will charge up to a dollar for the exact same games. Chuck E. usually pays us a visit while we are there, handing out free tickets to the kidlets. And there are always coupons to download from their website, making each trip price out to about $20 for pizza, drinks and a couple hours of playtime.

Thanks for the shower of free tickets Chuck E! Plus we were the only ones there to catch them 🙂

While not quite the bargain that Chuck E. Cheese’s is, Corvette Diner is a better overall family experience. Corvette has really good food, thick and wonderful homemade shakes, a full bar for parent-type fun, games for all ages that are 1/2 priced every Wednesday and the most awesome prize counter ever. My kids have gone home with trick gum, disappearing ink, Nerf guns, toy bow and arrows…I love these toys that don’t break on the car ride home and don’t take thousands of tickets to “buy.”

Thinking of checking it out? This Halloween, which falls on a Wednesday, will be a good time to visit Corvette Diner with 1/2 priced games and the chance to win prizes in their annual costume contest. Be there or be square, as they like to say 🙂

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