Kids’ Favorite Things

Pretty exciting stuff…Oprah’s Favorite Things is coming back to TV this Sunday, Nov. 18th, and viewers will have a chance to win! So if you’ve ever wished you were sitting in the audience when Oprah shoveled goodies into it, well, here’s your chance.

Now that I’ve got favorite things on my mind, I think I’ll share a few of my kids’ favorites; toys and treasures that have stood the test of time in our home, just in case you’re looking for holiday shopping ideas 🙂

When Mallory was four, we threw her a princess birthday party and “Sleeping Beauty” gave her this adorable CD with all of the Disney princesses singing to her. Three years later, this is the music she listens to night after night while drifting off to sleep.

Just Me! Music is great for boys too. Gage falls asleep each night listening to Mickey & friends sing songs that repeat his name more than 80 times!

Each CD costs between $19.95 and $24.95 and, in addition to princesses and Mickey Mouse, cds can feature the characters of Veggie Tales, Elmo and The Wiggles all signing to your child. Just select a CD, select a name and watch your child’s face light up!

I’ve seen this guy at TJ Maxx recently. He’s a toy, but also a real comfort when heated up in the microwave and handed to a child who could use a little TLC. Our Sootheze bear has been with us for several years and never disappoints.

This teaching cash register has been fun for both of my kids and all of their friends before any of them could count money or even understand what money was.

Although it comes with fake coins that can be inserted, the cash register takes real money as well and counts it as it’s dropped through the slot. They’ve never been gentle with this toy, and yet it has held up for at least three years!

Now, onto mom’s absolute favorite thing when it comes to gift giving. It’s a little thing called Amazon Prime, and you can take a 30-day free trial just in time for your holiday shopping.

Just today I saw our toy cash register on the daily deal site,, for $34.99 plus shipping, which is normally $6.95 or so. But it’s also currently available on Amazon for $35.80 and because the “prime” logo is visible, that means the toy will ship free to your home in only 2 days!

I’m no Oprah, but I think you’ll love these favorite things if you give them a try. 🙂

Happy shopping!

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