The Santa House

Disneyland, Legoland, Seaworld…they all offer magical holiday fun this time of year. But, if you’re looking for some simple, low-key and free holiday magic, consider visiting “The Santa House” in Poway.

The Santa House is the private home of the Huish family. Each year they transform their massive front yard, most of the first floor and their beautiful backyard into a Christmas fantasyland and open it for public viewing from 6 – 8 p.m. each evening except Sundays.

When we visited last week, “Arthur Christmas” was playing on the giant Fun Flicks outdoor movie screen, Santa was sitting in his sleigh, meeting with children and taking photos. Mrs. Claus was handing out candy canes, and the elves were handing out one free gift per child.

In the gazebo, kids were writing their Santa letters and leaving them for the Macy’s mailbox, which donates $1 per letter received to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

There were complimentary cookies and hot chocolate. “Snow” was falling from the sky, Christmas carols were playing and nearly every inch of viewing space was elaborately decorated.

Even the port-a-potties are wonderful…complete with lights and running water!

The Santa House is an incredible display of generosity and holiday spirit. Within the home you’ll see displays honoring police and fire fighters and children in need. You’ll leave the home filled with the true meaning of Christmas!

To visit the Santa House on Joyas Court in Poway, take the 15 to Rancho Bernardo Road and turn right.

Turn left on Valle Verde

Go to the end of the street and turn right

You will likely start seeing cars parked and you can just follow the foot traffic to the street and walk up the hill to the house.


17 thoughts on “The Santa House

  1. Kathy Huish says:

    Thank you to everyone for all the kind compliments/ I;m Kathy Huish. My husband, John, and I enjoy this time of yeaR, and love seeing so many children enjoying the magic of the Christmas Season, Whomever posted the pictures on this website did a great job. Thank you for making it so complimentary. Hope to see you in 2015.

  2. Joyce says:

    Is the Joyas Court Santa House open this year 2014?

  3. moldovangirl says:

    Is the last day in 2013 on Monday, Dec 23rd?

  4. Qimarkai says:

    Yay! Thank you, Momsguide! We’ll be going tonight…

  5. momsguide says:

    I learned that they open on or around the 10th of each December and stay open for 12 nights, not including Sundays. The hours are 6-8 p.m. We were there last night and it is more beautiful than ever.

  6. Qimarkai says:

    Does anyone know whether they will be open this year (2013)? I see some replies, but I’m not sure if they’re talking about this year since the year of the reply doesn’t show. My family and I would like to drive out to Poway tomorrow to go. It has become a family tradition for us. It’s truly magical and so much fun! My kids love it! Thank you to the Huish’s for their generosity in offering their home for this wonderful experience every year!

  7. Constance Heidari says:

    Does anyone know if they are open this year (2013)? I had heard a few years ago that they were considering closing down, Thanks.

  8. Constance Heidari says:

    Does anyone know if they are open this year (2013)? I had heard a few years ago that they were considering closing down, Thanks.

  9. Ruth Huish says:

    I can’t take the credit… it is my Uncle’s home! 🙂
    I believe the last night is Monday Dec. 23rd – CLOSED on Sundays.

  10. Gina says:

    What is last day they will be open? I am planning to be in San Diego between Christmas and New Years and would like to see it!!

  11. momsguide says:

    Thank you for providing this beautiful experience each year!!

  12. momsguide says:

    Thank you Ruth!!

  13. Ruth Huish says:

    The Santa House will open on December 10th this year 🙂

  14. momsguide says:

    Monica, we’re going to check on it tomorrow and report on the blog. Stay tuned.

  15. Monica says:

    Does anyone know if they will be having it this year? And what day it starts?

  16. Anne Van Bebber says:

    What a beautiful thing to do for our community. A class act!!!!!

  17. Jamie Ramdin says:

    I live in Poway and take my two boys to this house every year. It has become a part of our Christmas tradition. It truly is a magical site especially for young ones. It is worth the drive if you live out of the way. Remember though,only 6-8 pm and parking is rough.

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