The Shelf Without an Elf

“When will Chippy be here, mom?” my daughter asked as we unpacked our Christmas ornaments last weekend. I remember taking special care to put “Chippy,” our elf on the shelf, somewhere safe. Somewhere other than in the ornament boxes where he would easily be found. He is supposed to have flown back to the North Pole after last Christmas, but where he is now is anybody’s guess.

I can’t believe that I lost Chippy. This will definitely go down as one of my dumber mom moments, but as I searched online for a new elf for our shelf, I started to look on the bright side. Chippy didn’t have much flair and, frankly, what fun is it to have the exact same elf as every other family we know? Plus, it seemed like a pain to be moving an elf around the house for 24 straight nights. So, it’s OK that he’s gone…gives me a chance to find a cool replacement (that costs less too!) and knocks a week or so off of our elf-moving responsibilities.

Did you know that even a used elf from the now famous book costs nearly $30 on Ebay? I say poo to that.

After searching for awhile, I decided on this guy who will fly to our house and take over for Chippy (who broke his leg skiing over Thanksgiving weekend and will have to stay at the North Pole this year.)

Now I ask you, who has more personality? The little red elf who seems to be EVERYWHERE this holiday season or my little cutie from Christmas In Prescott? I can’t wait to pick out his name with my kids and, even more importantly, to pick out his special post-Christmas hiding place with my husband!

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