My Mom’s Guide Resolution

The other day my 7-year-old daughter asked, “Mom, am I too old to go to Playtown now?” She started playing there when she was just a toddler. And, technically, yes, she’s too old for it now.

When I first started the mom’s guide I had an infant son and a 2 year-old-daughter, and we were always out exploring San Diego. We still explore, but they have outgrown many of our original favorites.

I realized a few months ago that I wasn’t keeping up with the wonderful businesses and events that are best suited for families with very young children. With so many new and even expecting moms following The Mom’s Guide, I made a business-related resolution to add contributors to the Mom’s Guide blog for the first time.

When I posted my “help wanted” notice to Facebook, looking for contributors who had children younger than my own, I had more than 50 local moms respond. Wow!

It took me a few weeks to review and reply to each applicant. But I finally narrowed it down to two lovely ladies, and I would like to introduce you to Marissa Mullen and Sarah Nguyen. They will be sharing their stories in the coming months…

Hi. My name is Sarah Nguyen. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and moved to San Diego in 2003. There were many cities and towns in between, but Carlsbad, California, is where I now call home. And I absolutely love it here.

I met my husband, Dangkhoa, in 2004 and we married in 2010. We brought home the greatest honeymoon souvenir of all time, our daughter Emma, who arrived in 2011. September of 2012, baby Noah joined us to create what we lovingly refer to as our Nguyen family four-pack. My husband and babies are the most amazing gifts of my life.

I like to write, take pictures, make people laugh, explore our city and try to soak in each day I am able to spend with my family. My husband is a fireman, which brings its own perks and challenges, but one of the greatest joys is having a non-traditional schedule that allows us a lot of time together.

I hope that what I share here will be helpful, fun, creative, inspiring, realistic and bring a smile to your face. Thanks for being here.


Marissa Mullen is a mama to two children and loves researching fun and unusual things to do in San Diego. A former ballerina from Canada, she enjoyed living in different places until settling down in America’s Finest City. Now she never wants to leave!

Marissa’s love of finding new things to do and collecting travel brochures led to a job as concierge at a local hotel. These days she enjoys blogging, playing with her kids and sharing her favorite aspects of San Diego. Visit her blog at

5 thoughts on “My Mom’s Guide Resolution

  1. Brooke Haddock says:

    Yay Sarah! We love reading your posts and are looking forward to your blog!!

  2. michele says:

    Sarah is going to be perfect. She is an amazing mother and has a hilarious knack for documenting all her experiences with her children. Looking forward to seeing more from her!

  3. Greg says:

    You made an excellent choice when you chose Sarah to blog for you .. she has wonderful insight on alot of subjects.. jack of all trades if you will.. and I am luck to call her my friend

  4. Angie says:

    I too love following Sarah on Facebook and look forward to her guest blog entries!!!

  5. Cara Serber says:

    I love following Sarah on Facebook. She is a wonderful writer. You made the perfect choice!

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