Open House Season

It’s open house season at San Diego’s private schools. From the $20,000-a-year independent school to the the $4,000 per year church-based school, they are all courting new students from now through February.

Taking the opportunity to walk through a school, meet its administrators and teachers, ask questions and envision your precious preschooler in those classrooms is an amazing first step toward selecting the right school for your child.

Some schools will have open houses that are orchestrated like broadway shows. Others will be simple “Q&A” type get togethers. But each open house will afford you the opportunity to gather information about teaching philosophies and styles, approach to discipline, extracurricular offerings, financial aid, etc.

Even if you’re not intending to send your child to a private school, taking a tour of one might help you better frame expectations of the community, charter or magnet schools you will consider. While most public schools do not have formal open houses, they do encourage families to schedule tours. Most San Diego Unified magnet schools offer “Magnet Monday” tours through February 15th to help parents in making an informed school choice.

Happy School Shopping!

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  1. Alexis says:

    There have been several cases of lice this year, but we are only aware of one case in the last 4 weeks. It is best to check your child(ren) daily. If lice are found, treat and notify the school and close friends to help prevent the spread. Head lice are a treatable nuisance.

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