Resolutions, part II

Even though I’m a girly girl, I LOVE camping. Greg and I got a tent as a wedding gift in anticipation of romantic trips to Catalina. We’ve never used it though, mainly because I got pregnant two weeks later and have not been brave enough to camp with kids.

But this year is THE year, and we’ll ease into the idea of camping with Family Camp at the YMCA’s Camp Marston. I grew up going to YMCA summer camps, and I want my kids to love them as much as I did. Together as a family we will go canoeing & fishing, enjoy campfires, crafts and nature hikes, pan for gold, practice our archery & BB gun skills and have horseshoe and volleyball competitions. The only reason we haven’t done this sooner is that each session of family camp sells out. I’m sending in my form this week!

Years before I had kids, I spent the night at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for their “Roar & Snoar” safari. It was great, but I imagine it’s much better with kids.

Roar & Snore costs a small fortune…like $600 for our family…but the package includes camp activities, an after-hours look at the animals, guided walks, a campfire program, dinner, snacks, breakfast and, of course, a night “camping” in one of their family tents. If we manage to swing it financially, I’ll be picking a date in March or April so we are able to visit the annual Butterfly Jungle early in the morning before it opens to the public. That will help me feel like we got our money’s worth. (ha ha)

If everyone is still excited about camping after practicing with YMCA family camp and Roar & Snore, I hope we can make it to Catalina.

The ferry ride alone is a great experience for kids. Two Harbors is the more laid, rustic side of the island with very little luxury and where you’ll get the true camping experience. Bring your own tent or rent a tent cabin. There are also cottages and a bed and breakfast. Catalina is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to take my kids hiking there.

We’ll need a bigger tent than the one we got 8 years ago as a wedding gift, but even with the new tent our trip to Catalina will be a bargain compared to family camp and Roar & Snore!

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