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Is there something great going on this weekend that you’ll have to miss because you don’t have a baby sitter?

If you are searching for a sitter save the date for next week’s Urban Sitter “Speed Sitter Meet & Greet” event. I went to one in November, and it was truly a unique and fun way to find help.

All I had to do to be a part of the event was respond to a Facebook invite. Before I knew it I was sent profiles of the Urban Sitter representatives who would be attending. On paper, they all looked great with varying degrees of experience with children and varying degrees of availability. Several were education majors, all of them were in college or had already graduated college. One wanted to be a pediatrician. So far so good.

On the evening of my event, I walked into the beautiful Hapa Yoga studio where the speed sitter event was being held. I enjoyed a glass of wine, some delicious peppermint bark and mingled with several really nice parents before we all moved into the main yoga studio, which was aglow in candlelight.

Each family took a seat on a comfy cushion in front of a prospective sitter, and we just casually chatted for about 5-7 minutes before being directed to move onto the next sitter. There were 12 Urban Sitters in all to meet, and each was better than the next in my experience.

Speed sitting is modeled after speed dating, and really is a great way to start the sitter seeking process. You get to meet face-to-face and tell each prospective sitter about your children and your family’s needs. You get to ask questions, and by the end of the evening you know who you’ve clicked with.

My sitter event was during the holiday season, and I haven’t had a need to hire anyone (yet!). However, I did come home with the profiles and photos of each sitter and showed them to my children, telling them a bit about my favorites. They’re really excited to meet Rachel, or Abby or Heather soon.

When I’m ready to book a sitter, I just log into my FREE Urban Sitter account, search the profile of my sitter and request help. Or, I could post a job and see who responds. But, of course, I’ll be directly contracting with the lovely ladies that I clicked with at my speed sitting event.

Check it out for yourself either in person or online:

What: Speed Sitting Meet & Greet

When: Tuesday, January 29th from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Nature’s Whisper Yoga

UPDATE! 2 new sitter events have been added for the week of February 5th. One is in Chula Vista, and the other is in Pacific Beach. You’re bound to find a great new sitter between these three events!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    A great idea and I wish I had been able to make it in November! Thanks for letting everyone know about the upcoming events.

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