Best Birthdays Ever

The Royal Fairytale closed its doors yesterday, and I’m sad because it was the site of my favorite birthday party ever…the one we threw for our then 4-year-old daughter.

Mallory is normally a serious child, but that day she was a princess with a smile that made her glow. We had never been to a party where the girls were adorned with fancy hair and gowns, learned special dances, played princess games and enjoyed a real tea party inside a castle, no less!

It was also the first time we had “out-sourced” a party. Instead of attending to every guest, we were the guests!

We will not forget that special birthday, or the terrific Royal Fairytale staff, or our PERFECT Parties Unique princess or the cake inspired by No More Boring Cakes that our whole family had fun creating together.

Mal blows out the candles inside the Royal Fairytale “castle.” I wish we could have afforded to buy this cake from No More Boring Cakes, but it was fun to make it ourselves. (thanks Nana & Pa!) Way less than perfect, but good enough for a 4-year-old!

The kids got to make stuffed animals, get their faces painted, listen to Sleeping Beauty sing, dance the hokey pokey and more. A great day!

So this week I have favorite birthday celebrations on my mind. And giveaways. I love a great giveaway.

What was the best kid’s birthday party you’ve ever thrown or attended? Tell us all about it here, and you’ll be entered to win. 🙂

I’m still collecting giveaway goodies, but there’s at least one terrific in-home party entertainment package that will be awarded. Working on more, so stay tuned.

And check back this week to read about everyone’s favorites from venues, to themes, to cakes and party favors.

Even if you don’t win a prize, you’ll certainly pick up some winning tips for your future celebrations.

To play along, simply comment on this post with your favorite party memories. They can be a party you threw or attended. Be sure to tell us what made it memorable, and be specific.

I will be creating a special blog category called party favorites so that future visitors can read your contributions!

6 thoughts on “Best Birthdays Ever

  1. Jody Bridge says:

    The best Birthday Party we ever threw was my son’s 8th birthday. We had a scavenger hunt, we had 4 teams of 5 and all the kids had to read the clues and figure out where to go next. First team done got a pick from the prize bucket. All the kids at school were talking about it………it was a fun party! Worst was the sleep over this year with 10, 9year old boys…….LOL

  2. Aline Grigorian says:

    We really loved having our daughter’s second bday at My Gym. There are a ton of great party locations here in Chula Vista, but I needed somewhere that two year olds as well as older kids would enjoy. My Gym was perfect. We were even able to bring in our own theme, food, drinks and favors. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and then the kids fell asleep on their ways home. :o)

  3. Anna says:

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  4. My twin girls turned 6 a few weeks ago! I can’t believe how time flies! This year they wanted a “Wicked” (the musical) birthday party and I was happy to comply! This party was so much fun to plan! I started a pinterest board for the party MONTHS ago and got lots of great ideas!

    During Halloween I was able to get some great witch decorations and I was able to snag some fun green items for the “Emerald City Dress Up Boutique” when all the St. Patrick’s Day items came out right after Christmas. This was a karaoke party, so we had some great singing and dancing going on, as well as the “Flying Monkey Zipline” (my Dad, aka best Papa ever, installed a zipline in his backyard) and the “Madame Morrible Tornado Ride.” We had lots of green snacks and drinks (even green ice cubes in the punch!) as well as Glinda and Elphaba cupcakes with witch hats and princess crowns. For favors we gave out a small “Anti-witch water bucket” filled with pink and green lollipops, pink Glinda bubbles, green Emerald City sunglasses, and a Defying Gravity broomstick pen. I asked our guests to dress in green and gave out prizes to a few kids who really got into the Emerald City spirit!

    Thank you to Amy Gray Photography for photographing the party for us and thank you to all the friends and family that joined us to make my girls’ 6th birthday extra special! We had a wicked good time!

    To see pics, visit:

  5. Erandi says:

    The best birthday party I attended was a costume party because all the kids love dressing up in a costume of their choice. The kids had a great time talking about their costumes.

  6. Corie says:

    The best kid’s party I ever went to had a pirate theme. I think what worked best was that all the kids were dressed up and the host had set up a treasure hunt that lasted the entire party. About half way through, the kids thought they found the treasure, but it was guarded by a pirate (hired) to sing some songs and read a pirate book. The party ended with each child taking home the treasure chest they found (a soap container) full of gold (chocolate coins) after decorating it with sticker jewels.
    Hope this great memory of my 1 year old daughter wearing an eye-patch and dressed as a pirate will win us a prize for her little sister’s Birthday!

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