The Party’s Over?

Yeah, yeah…my special day is over, but I still have birthdays on my mind and want to thank all of the moms who entered our birthday bonanza contest as well a those who commented a couple of months ago with their favorite party memories.

When I asked Mallory to recall her favorite birthday she chose this past one, her 7th.

We had agreed that she’d have a simple sleep over with two girlfriends, but behind her back I invited all of the girls in her class over to surprise her. As she walked into our home with her dad from Home Depot, 12 little girls (and one little brother) screamed SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! Since none of these kids had ever heard of a surprise party before, it was pretty memorable. We spent the evening getting hair, nails and makeup done, enjoying a dance party in the living room and playing games.

This year we’re mulling over the idea of a secret agent party. Both of my children love the movie Spy Kids, invisible ink, night vision goggles, listening devices and just about anything from Spy Gear. Throw in a scavenger hunt and, voila, you have a party theme. And I know just how I’ll surprise Mal this time around…


“Agent Snickerdoodle” and his sidekicks will show up to our home in their secret agent gear carrying black suitcases filled with cookies for the girls to devour.

The Secret Cookie Service started by delivering freshly baked cookies to San Diego college students, but has expanded to fill the needs of birthday parties, pregnancy cravings, office parties and more. Here are a few things you might like to know about this fun company:

-similar to a pizza delivery but with freshly baked gourmet cookies
-always delivers in black suits, ties, and shades
-delivers in 30 mins – 1 hr at night from 7 pm – 1 am in most parts of San Diego (for mommy late-night cravings)
-send gift orders by simply texting “gift order” to 727-487-2782 for deliveries to homes, workplaces, anywhere!
-featured in The Huffington Post, NBC San Diego, San Dieg 6 News, Fox San Diego,
-cookie platters are available for birthday parties

If you think this is a fun idea, simply “like” The Secret Cookie Service on Facebook for special mom’s guide offers.

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