More is Less

This weekend has been crazy with Little League closing ceremonies, Girl Scouts bridging ceremony, a summer kick off party at our school, La Mesa’s Flag Day Parade, a family volunteer stint with the Arthritis Walk, my volunteer obligation to the school rummage sale, church, a mother/daughter Jamberry home party and a dinner in Coronado with friends.


While not every weekend is this jam-packed, the entire school year has felt hectic to me.  There were many things I wanted to do with my kids and never got the chance to thanks to our ever-busy weekends.  Yesterday, I began to think that our summer family motto needs to be “less is more.”  I want less of a schedule and more time to relax, connect, be creative and be together.


Everyone says, “enjoy them while they are young, time flies by so quickly.”  My kids and I seem to spend more time apart than together each week thanks to school, work, sports, extra-curriculars, play dates, parties, etc. etc.  This summer I want to make a conscious effort to slow things down and not feel so scheduled.  Aren’t they supposed to be “lazy” summer days?


Looking forward to long, slow summer days

So while our friends are planning their week-long summer camps, I am planning to purchase a Aztec Aquaplex membership so we can spend our days at the pool when we’re not at the beach.  While I am at work, I plan to have a sitter to the house so that the kids are still able to play with their own toys, with each other and with the neighborhood kids.  And instead of sending them here and there to learn wonderful things without me, I plan to do wonderful things with them like  taking a sewing class with my daughter at Sew Inspired, learning to make perfume at Tijon, fishing with my son at Santee Lakes and panning for gems at the Julian Mining Company.  I want us to spend a day at Old Flieglers Farm and visit Keys Creek Lavender Farm before it closes for the season.  I want to take an OC outing where we do things other than Disneyland including our first trips to the American Girl Doll StoreDiscovery Science Center and Medieval Times.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center

By the start of the next school year, when we get back to full school days and weekends full of social and sports activities, I’d like to be able to look back on summer and feel like we truly had a break from crazy schedules.  I want to make sure we slept in a lot, learned some new things and, most importantly, that we had less stress, less chaos, less obligation and more togetherness.


Less is going to be more.





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