Play at the Bay!

Mom’s Guide contributor, Marissa, shares her “play day” experience.  There’s one more left so mark your calendars!
Last weekend we spent a lovely afternoon at Pepper Park. The park was new to us and not only was it beautiful, but the park was hosting a Port of San Diego Play Day. This meant a FREE day of children’s activities and interactive fun for all!
The Port of San Diego is trying to bring more families to the bayfront, so they are hosting these free events, giving the public a wonderful opportunity to check out four beautiful waterfront parks. There is one more play day next Saturday, so you still have a chance to experience the activities. Was the event worth it? You bet!
There were so many things to do, that the kids were giddy with excitement. Pinga started jumping and clapping her hands when she saw the kiddie train go by. I could understand her reaction -it’s not every day that she sees a choo choo train in the park, with the beautiful bay in the background! This was one of the highlights of the event for both kids. Bean made a beeline for the bounce houses. They had two sizes – one for the little kids and one for the bigger kids. Bean and Pinga both spent a considerable amount of time bouncing and burning off energy.
Bean also decided to try out his circus skills with the interactive activities provided by Sophia Isadora Academy. Yes, even the circus was there! He balanced on a giant ball, did the tight rope and even the aerial silks.
Pinga requested to check out the craft table provided by Teena’s Custom Creations. She decorated a sand pail which she proudly carried around with her for the rest of the afternoon. There was also a picture booth, dance party and games, and of course the playground itself! The Play Day was the perfect way to spend the day. The kids were thoroughly entertained, and we got to experience a new park with a gorgeous view of the water. Best of all, it was totally free!
What you need to know:
The next and LAST “Play Day” is on Saturday, June 29th from 12-3 pm at Cesar Chavez Park (1449 Cesar E. Chavez Parkway, San Diego.) For more information, visit the Port of San Diego website. 

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