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If you’re looking for a fun, educational, tasty activity for your little ones, Carlsbad Strawberry Company in Carlsbad is the place to be!

Located east of I-5 and Cannon Road, at the intersection of Paseo del Norte, this cute little stand is full of helpful folks, ready to hand you a bucket, give you a few rules and point you in the right direction.

For a few more weeks, they’ll allow the public to stop by their patch to pick strawberries to your heart’s content (or your bucket is full).


While asking for more details about the patch, I was introduced to Stanley. Stanley is the man. The Strawberry Man. He knows everything there is to know about growing, harvesting, weather, cycles, hybrids…okay, I’ll stop there. I’ll stick to the basics Stanley would like everyone to know.


Stanley: No bags, no stems, no outside containers, don’t overfill your bucket!

Translation: Don’t steal strawberries or destroy the plants.


Stanley: Pay first, don’t step on the plants, pick within boundaries!

Translation: Don’t steal strawberries, don’t destroy plants and pick where they tell you.


Stanley: These strawberries aren’t quite as sweet as usual due to the heavy spring rains.

Translation: Stanley is a strawberry perfectionist. This is another reason why he is The Strawberry Man. The strawberries we picked were great!


Stanley: If you would like to bring a group, we can help you out.

Translation: Stanley will cut you a sweet deal if you bring a group of 15 or more pickers. Fill out the form on the website before bringing your group. Also, bucket prices below were current when we visited. They may change as the season comes to a close.


Stanley: These strawberries are not organic.

Translation: If that’s important to you, this may not be the patch for you.


A few things we learned during our strawberry picking adventure:

Sunhats, sunscreen and long sleeves/pants aren’t a bad idea. It’s hot out there.

Some areas were a little muddy, so closed-toe shoes are helpful.

It’s a little messy (strawberry juice), so keep that in mind when planning your outfits.

I wish I would have worn pants. The plants are kind of scratchy.

It is an awesome photo opportunity.

Coming back with a group would be a lot of fun.


Nitty gritty:


 Open 9am-5pm daily

Season ends – Mid-July (approximately)

Large buckets – $20

Small buckets – $10

**Good for all ages**


While I am sure there is a rule somewhere about not eating strawberries while picking, I turned around to find that this child couldn’t stand it any longer.

“My daddy says non-organic fruit builds my immunity.” – Emma

I mean, how could I deny THAT face? Ugh, my heart. So I let her finish and removed a berry from our full bucket.


No stealing strawberries! : )

Sarah is a mom of two and a contributor to the mom’s guide.

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