Vons.com to the Rescue!

Allow me to set the scene.


We returned from vacation last week. The next day, my husband left for work. He is still there six days later. In the meantime, between unpacking bags, wrangling two babies and getting our kitchen torn apart unexpectedly, I was sort of overwhelmed.


Yesterday, while secretly praying for bedtime to come sooner, my daughter asked for “booberry gogurt” for the 516th time. We had little food in the house, I couldn’t leave with drywall guys working in the kitchen and I had absolutely no energy to even THINK about going to the store once they left (1/2 hour before bedtime).

Then, the magic words from my friend, Lindsay: “Buy some groceries online. They’ll bring it to you!”


Now, my first thoughts were:

  1. It’s probably too expensive
  2. They won’t have the brands I like
  3. It will take too long to get it delivered
  4. I don’t want someone else choosing my produce
  5. Some things I will farm out, but grocery shopping should not be one of them


Well, let me tell you. I was absolutely wrong on all counts. It has been such a wonderful experience I decided to write a blog article about it!


Busy, overwhelmed, overextended parents, take note!


I signed up at Vons.com yesterday afternoon. Upon registration, they offered free delivery (usually $10-$13), a free case of water and a free 8-pack of paper towels if I placed my first order within 24 hours.

Last night at 8:30pm, I went through the short list I’d already made, then went through some recipes and just found (shopping by aisle) and clicked what I needed on the website. No list making! They had every single brand I wanted, and I was also given an option to give my “personal shopper” a note for each individual item (i.e. ripe bananas please). Also, I could let them know if I would accept a substitution if my item wasn’t available. I finished my order, chose my delivery time (today at 2pm-3pm) and paid with a credit card. Done.

Of course, I forgot the dishwashing tablets but I had until 3am to make changes. So I went back in, found my order, added what I needed and done. DONE!


So, this morning at 4am, my personal shopper gathered all my groceries, put them in plastic bags and loaded them on a refrigerated Vons delivery truck.


At 2:04pm, my new Vons BFF, Michael, arrived and delivered all of my groceries TO MY KITCHEN. He had me check the list (there were two items unavailable) and had me sign it. It included my full receipt, discounts for my frequent shopper card and even the gas points I earned.


Now, get this. The produce they chose was better than I would have found myself. And all of my bags were packed perfectly so that unloading took half the time. All the dairy in one bag, all the baby food in another, all the veggies in another. I know this seems basic, but my bags are always a mish mash of everything and it takes forever to unpack once I get home. This was like a magical elf knew exactly what I needed and did it! A personal shopper elf!


Let me make this perfectly clear. This service spared me list making, grocery shopping with two babies (who always lose their minds with 3 aisles to go), gas, hauling groceries to/from the car AND I have free water and paper towels.



How on earth I have never thought of doing this before is beyond me. I immediately thought of those initial days starving as the mother of two (or even one!). Friends or family who may need support and you don’t want to send another casserole. Getting ready for a party and sparing yourself the grocery visit. My BFF Michael informed me he delivers “a lot of alcohol”. I hope he’s talking about parties and not overworked parents. : )


The best part? My little girl went down for her nap still asking for her favorite yogurt. When she woke up? Booberry gogurt for EVERYONE! She was so excited. She definitely agreed a magical elf had visited.


So, fellow warriors in the fight against time, this service has changed my life in one 24 hour period. And I may or may not still be in my PJs at 6:30pm watching CMT, but my fridge is full of healthy (and not so healthy) treats with no extra effort from me. I feel refreshed and ready for another single-mom duty day tomorrow!


Check out Vons.com for more details.





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  1. Lindsay says:

    awesome, good to know!!!

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