Say What?!


Ever wonder why that police helicopter is flying high about your neighborhood with someone mumbling over a microphone? Instead of staring blankly into the sky straining to make sense out of what they’re saying, visit, type in your zip code and see what your local police are trying to tell you.

Nixle is a privately held U.S. corporation that offers notification services for local police departments, county emergency management offices, municipal governments and their agencies.  Not every event will be posted on Nixle, but if there is something important that municipalities need you to know, you will likely find it on Nixle like this week’s postings from…

San Marcos: “Intruder Alert” – A man only described as wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt entered a grade-school-age girl’s bedroom and inappropriately touched her. The intruder ran off when the child screamed.


Pacific Beach “Hot Prowl Burglary” –  At approximately 2:45 a.m. the victim was awoken by a white male who was standing in her bedroom. The victim screamed and the male ran out of the residence.


Chula Vista “Armed Robbery” –  Three (3) individuals entered a closed business through an open door. One (1) of the suspects was armed with a handgun and 2 were armed with stick/club type weapons. The suspects robbed the sole employee who was in the business working at the time.


Anyone can view information by going to without registering. However, you can also receive information by text message and/or email by setting up a free account. Once registered you can personalize your locations and your preferences, making the service fit your needs.


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One thought on “Say What?!

  1. Sarah says:

    This is great info. I used to call the police ALL the time when we lived near SDSU. Couldn’t hear a thing. I do not miss that “bird”, that is for sure!

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