Build it!

Does this guy look happy or what??

This kind of happy cost us only $12 and a couple of hours at the Build It Workshop in Carlsbad where my son made his own LEGO cars and beat a couple of other kids in a LEGO race.


The last time Gage had this much fun he spent 3 hours inside the “Build & Test” room of Legoland’s Imagination Zone doing exactly the same thing he did at the Build It Workshop.  Cost:  $70 child’s Legoland ticket.


Build It is more than LEGOS.


I am personally excited to work with the 3d printer or watch my kids participate in one of the daily build projects.

The cost of admission to Build It is $12 per child for 2 hours of build time or $20 per child for an all day pass.   Military families receive a discount of $1 per child, and there is no charge for parents or infants.

We loved Build It enough to place it in the “worth the drive” category, but we may not need to drive to Carlsbad for long.  Owner Rudy Gonzalez told me he’s already looking in San Diego locations for his second workshop.  Woo hoo!

If you have a budding engineer in the family, be sure to visit Build It!

1818 Marron Road, Suite 103

Carlsbad, Ca   92008



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