The Greatest Show on Earth

There are more wonderful things to do with kids in San Diego than time to do them, which is the primary reason that I’ve never taken my kids to the Ringling Bros And Barnun & Bailey Circus.  But when we were offered complimentary tickets to opening night, I decided this would be the year the Humoras experienced the greatest show on earth.



The theme of this year’s event is “Built to Amaze,” and we were all amazed, especially by the world’s youngest female human cannonball, Elliana Grace.  The 20-year-old flies about 100 feet through the air at 65 miles per hour, closing the first half of the incredible show.

The second half is equally thrilling for kids and features those majestic mascots of the Ringling Bros. circus.


My kids were eager to see baby Mable, the youngest elephant in this show, perform after meeting her at a press event the day before.

Mable, who is  named after the wife of John Ringling, one of the original Ringling Brothers, was born on April 6, 2006.  She is a rare second-generation offspring of parents who were also born into the Ringling Bros.® conservation program.  When she’s not performing with elephants as old as 65 years old, Mable enjoys painting and playing basketball.


We talked a lot about Mable this week.  Not only because we met her up close, but because, while enduring the crazy traffic that comes with every Valley View Casino Center event, we were faced with this…


For at least 10 full minutes my kids sat face-to-face with PETA protesters.


I let the kids take the PETA brochures.  They read about the way elephants are trained and were pretty distressed by the propaganda.  Since it took about 1/2 hour to get through the circus traffic, we had plenty of time to discuss whether or not we should attend the event based on the information they had just read.  Three out of three kids voted to go on with the show.


They were thrilled and amazed by all that we saw.  On our drive home, they read through the PETA brochures again asking why elephants were even part of the show.  It’s an interesting subject to discuss with a child.  We all agreed that seeing the animals was, in large part, what made this circus great.  On the other hand…



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