Your Next MNO?

I have a confession.


I am addicted. I cannot help myself. I must drink wine, I mean, paint, I mean, BOTH!


I am a Painting & Vino-aholic.


If you are looking for a fantastic night out, Painting & Vino is the place to be!


For those of you who have not attended one of these classes, or seen their Facebook page full of amazing paintings, I’ll give you a few details and soon enough you’ll join in my addiction. Trust me! I am officially a P&V pusher.


Painting & Vino is exactly what the name states. Painting and Wine.


They post a calendar on their website the 20th of each month. Each date includes the painting, the location, the teacher and the cost. Each class is $45, although if you sign up for their newsletter, they routinely send out discount codes. You choose the class you like, sign up online and they send you a confirmation.

Classes are so popular that some sell out within a day. Wow!

For a visual on how the class works, take a peek at their homepage.


Every few months, I like to organize an outing for my fellow fire wives. Many days per month, most of us are on single mom duty while the hubby is at work. Having a night out gives us an opportunity to book the sitter, change out of the yoga pants (points at self) and just catch up with the ladies. Since I knew this would be a popular event, I decided to book a private class instead of trying to book a lot of seats in a public class. This worked out perfectly.


I booked the event about 6 weeks out by leaving a small deposit and my contact, Caitlin, was fantastic. She was very helpful with offering venue choices and finding a great place for our budget. We decided on Jake’s on 6th, which is a wine bar in Hillcrest. Centrally located, they offered a reasonable food and beverage minimum and their staff is just wonderful.


Our teacher, LoveJoy, was awesome and walked us through each individual step as we created our masterpieces. She was very patient, thorough and helpful. She was so encouraging and supportive it really made the experience fun for everyone.


For you doubters, let me make something very clear. I don’t consider myself artistic. The last painting I recall creating was in 7th grade, and I’m not sure I can even use that term. It was something that involved paper, paint and my mother’s raised eyebrow when I brought it home. These classes require no previous experience, and that’s what makes them so fun and popular. Also, you are not required to stick to the painting being taught. You can paint whatever you like with the help and guidance of the teacher. You will leave with a masterpiece!


One important item to note: the $45 fee only includes the class and all necessary supplies (apron, paint, brushes, canvas, etc) but it usually does NOT include wine. All food and beverage is for purchase separately. Many of the venues offer food and beverage specials during classes, so that helps with the overall cost. Also, some venues offer a BYOB option so you can bring your own bottle of wine (check individual class descriptions for details).


Next time you are ready for a date night, Moms’ Night Out or just a night out by yourself with no one tugging on your pant leg, consider one of these classes. You will be glad you did!

Sarah Nguyen is a mother of two and a contributor to The Mom’s Guide to San Diego. You can check out her blog at or


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